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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Forging

What is forging? It is the process if shaping metal which is majorly applied in manufacturing industries. There are different types of forging including, cold forging, warm forging, and hot forging. Common types of metals like steel and iron are shaped through hot forging. The forging process has its advantages and disadvantages as discussed below. Read on.

Advantages of Forging

Quality End Product

The forging process is of benefit to the end user. If you are given the metal before and after forging, you will acknowledge the work forging has done to it. At the end of the process, you will get a stronger product than what was produced by the machines. When you think of commonly used metals like steel and iron, you will agree with me that durability is critical. A stronger metal lasts longer hence the need of forging.

Grain of the Metal

A good metal should be able to remain even as it is being used. As the metal goes through forging and being shaped, its grain is formed into a particular outline which is very important during use. Other than making it easy to use, it makes the material stronger than the original piece. Going back to iron and steel, hot forging remains popular and guarantees the customers high-quality products.

Disadvantages of Forging

Secondary Mechanical Process Afterward

When the metal has undergone hot forging, there arise issues if there are other mechanical issues to be done on the metal after the process. If a metal must undergo other processes after forging, it must have gone through hardening which happens from cold forging process. It might not be possible to work on a metal which has been through hot forging, but luckily, there are easy and economical ways to control the hardening.

Thinking of some metals like aluminum and titanium, it is possible to harden them after hot forging so the whole issues can be dealt with. The only main challenge you will have to go through is getting the machinery which will allow working on already forged metals. But as a customer, this should not worry you. It is the work of the production company.

To wrap it up, you should have realized that forging is a useful process in shaping metals. It offers many benefits to the item or piece of metal involved. It is however not easy for the manufacturing companies to start it up. But the good thing is once they are established, they provide durable and quality products to the customer.