Applications of Computers in Military

The computer was invented for the sole purpose of performing the calculation in the 20th century. This has, however, changed with time as technology has progressively improved. Other than performing calculations, the computer can be used to implement many other functions.

Computers are currently essential devices in many homes and offices. One of the areas in which the computer is extensively utilized is in the military. The rugged computer system are commonly used in the military. Let us look at some of the applications of computer in the military.

Computer simulations

simulationsOne of the functions of the computer in the military is that they are used for simulations. Initially, it was hard to train soldiers on some combat because it meant that some life and property had to be destroyed. This has, however, changed due to the computer simulators which were invented at the same period as the computer games.

The computer simulators are used in training the soldiers in various combat situations. This is done in such a way that it does not put their lives at risk or lead to the destruction of property. The air force, for example, uses the computer simulators to train the pilots of how to fight using the fighter jets without getting into the cockpit. Technology has been well utilized to improve the flight simulator software.


One of the most important things in the military is communication. The soldiers work on orders from their seniors. They do not make personal decisions but have to act on what they are being told by their seniors.

In the actual combat situations, for example, they use a drone to track the enemy and communicate with the soldiers on the ground. One of the crucial gadgets that they use for communication is the computer. It has also made it possible to train the soldiers who are interested in the military communication.

Military secrecy

Most of the military operations are typically secretive. This is because most of the military operations are usually tactical. When the enemy knows the tactics of a given military, he can counter them hence defeat them. The military computer is used to keep some of these military secrets.

Military testing

testing The military training is never a walk in the park; it involves lots of theories which must be put into practicality. When training the aptitude of the pilots, for example, the military camps heavily rely on the computers.

Whatever that they are taught in class are usually put into test by using the machines to ensure that the answers provided are valid. The aptitude tests ate used to place the students in areas where they are likely to serve best.